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             LJV EPB Micro Switch Introduction(三)

             The electronic automatic parking brake system is EPB, a technical system controlled by electronic switch for car parking and parking.


             EPB Key Characteristics :

             Maximum Ratings/ Minimum Ratings︰50mA 26V DC/50μA 5V DC


             Waterproof grade︰IP67

             Insulation Resistance︰100MΩmin. 500V DC

             Dielectric Strength: 500V AC for 1 minute

             Operating force︰1.0±0.5N

             Operation swith travel︰1.2±0.3mm

             Endurance Characterical︰300,000cycles 200mΩmax.


             EPB switch is made of upward cover,silica,fixed block,contact, push handle,spring, Warping piece body and othe  parts.Long operation life,low impedance, compact structure,with positioning.waterproof.The development process is R&D,stamping,injection and then assembly, finally to test verification.Almost takes 8 to 15 weeks.In EPB switch,body is integrated forming,warping and contaction is stamping forming,other parts mostly injection forming.This switch is widely use in automotive electronic parking system and door and window lifting system, digital, household, communication, medical, instrument and other electronic products.


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